A new creation to fit in multitude of environments, APTO. A training chair imparted with many configurations to assist in your learning and brain-storming.

APTO is never just a plain chair, it provides users with the desired comfort and also helps to run several events smoothly with its functions. It also allows easy mobility when moving around, allowing movement from one spot to another easily.

Accompanied with our own training table, APTO fits in well with a neat composition and formation. A spacious, simple and clean environment is the best place to learn and absorb new information.


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All imported Italian leather on our products are 95.3% recyclable and 99.9% of materials in the rest of the products may be reused for other purposes. Our products are also easy to disassemble for convenience and storage.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Benithem ensures strict compliance and that all processes are done in a systematic manner in accordance with internationally recognised standards. The products are assembled at the Benithem Sdn Bhd manufacturing plant, certified with the ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System Standard.

Production of Office Mesh Chair Z-365 - Benithem® - Ergonomic Chair Manufacturer, Vegan Leather Office Chair Malaysia (KL, Johor, Melaka, Penang)

Waste chemicals like powder and wet paint, thinner, material packaging, phosphate sludge, and laser dust are sent to certified companies for recycling or are disposed off safely to ensure minimal harm to the environment.

We commit to 99% on time delivery, and all packaging is made from 100% recycled materials that’s friendly to the environment. Our products are stackable during transport to minimise resources.

Benithem product have been designed to cater to individual use and user-friendly. Precision manufacturing and high quality standards ensure longer lifespan with customisable replaceable parts that are also recyclable.