Clean and simple aesthetics combined with a rich material vocabulary creates an appealing office landscape enlivened by the creative use of vibrant colors and varied textures. Design details such as the elegant Dull Chrome finishing Table Leg and Steel Beam, endow the furniture with a level of refinement that approaches that of high-end office furnishings.

Modul can be built up, out or in any direction to fit the space and style. Modul also gives people the ability to organize their space with caddy file cabinets and steel mobile pedestals that can be used as a seat and for storage.

A truly unique workstation solution, Modul integrates a full complement of desks, steel pedestals, caddies and screens. Every element falls into place and fits together perfectly, offering fresh design concepts.

Modul offers a wide variety of color and texture options including melamine faced chipboards (MFC), fabric panels and matt finished acrylic panels. The rich material choice provides an opportunity to colorize the office environment.



Components Details
A Cable Snake - Use for Cluster 2 only
B Wire Console - Use for Cluster 4, 6 & 8
C Acrylic Screen Panel
D Fabric Screen Panel
E Wire Tray Include Tray Power Point - Use for normal power socket.
F Wire Tray - Use for Netbox M
G Netbox M (3 power socket + 1 Data + 1 Tel / + 1 Data / +1 Tel)
H Flip Box
I Modesty Panel
J Table Top