Introducing Benithem Zoom: Your Gateway to Elevated Comfort and Functionality

What can be more important than taking good care of your health?

Especially when our spine, the backbone of our body that provide us with the ability to walk, sit and live, is often neglected or even taken advantage of.
It is time to do something.
Introducing to you, one of Benithem’s valued collections, ZOOM.


Introduction to ZOOM

Comfort is Essential, Grandeur is Evident

Discover Unmatched Comfort and Style with Benithem's ZOOM Chair! Experience excellence as our flagship ZOOM chair, meticulously crafted with cutting-edge technology, elevates your seating standards. Tailored customizable functions embrace your back's natural curvature, ensuring unparalleled comfort and relaxation. Explore unparalleled innovation and ergonomic support within our premium collection. Celebrate Modernity and Ergonomic Excellence with Benithem's ZOOM Chair! Its sophisticated ergonomic design seamlessly blends with modern elegance, perfectly complementing your workspace's theme and landscape. Supported by studies showcasing the positive impact of well-furnished spaces on productivity and ambiance, ZOOM enriches your working environment, delivering both style and functionality.


Introduction to Z365

Embracing Simplicity in Design Complexity

Introducing Z-365, the latest addition to our ZOOM series. This chair combines durability with a sleek aesthetic, ideal for everyday use. At Benithem, our vision is to craft chairs that adapt to your work style and environment seamlessly. The Z-365 embodies cost-effectiveness with its simple yet multifaceted design, meeting your ergonomic needs effortlessly.

Commitment to Sustainability

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Striving for zero waste is integral to our mission. Understanding the environmental impact of waste, our relentless efforts have made the ZOOM series up to 95% recyclable. Proudly, all our ZOOM series chairs are Greenguard certified, ensuring eco-friendly practices. Explore more about our Greenguard certification in our blog:"


Setting Benchmarks in Quality Assurance

At Benithem, prioritizing quality is non-negotiable. Our exhaustive commitment to ensuring top-notch chair quality reflects in the BIFMA certification we've attained. The Z-365 chairs undergo a battery of rigorous tests, including Back and Sit Durability, Foam Fatigue, Mechanism Tilting, Mesh Durability, Base Static, Swivel, and Castor Durability assessments—easily acing each one.

Our dedication doesn’t stop there. To elevate customer confidence, we subject our chairs to intensified in-house tests, surpassing industry standards with a 10% increase in test intensity.

BIFMA, the authoritative voice for commercial furniture manufacturers, underscores the significance of safe, ergonomic, and sustainable workspaces. Our adherence to BIFMA standards amplifies our commitment to delivering furniture that embodies safety, comfort, and productivity for our valued customers.


Prioritize Your Well-being

The Impact of Your Chair on Your Health. A chair might seem trivial, but its impact on your health is profound. Neglecting the right chair can lead to issues like Upper Crossed Syndrome (UCS).

UCS, as outlined in Medical News Today, signifies a delicate imbalance in muscle groups across the neck, chest, and shoulders. Put simply, prolonged incorrect sitting posture causes excessive strain, distorting muscles. This concern primarily affects working adults and those leading sedentary lives. Symptoms manifest as neck pain, headaches, and upper back stiffness.

Over time, you might notice your head tilting forward, and your back curving outward.

Consider this: we spend nearly as much time at work as we do sleeping—approximately 8 hours. Yet, investing in a quality chair, like the ZOOM series, remains overlooked compared to investing in a good bed.

Prevention Prevails: Investing in a ZOOM series chair ensures comfort while safeguarding against potential medical expenses. Proper posture, facilitated by the right chair, prevents muscle strain and discomfort.

The ZOOM series isn't just any chair—it's equipped with essential features tailored for optimal posture, ensuring your well-being takes center stage."

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Enhanced Features of ZOOM/Z365

1. Customizable Headset: Experience personalized comfort with our adjustable headset. Tailor the height and angle to prevent neck strain, ensuring uninterrupted focus during work.

2. Versatile Armrest with Soft PU Pad: Enjoy precise arm support with 7 lockable positions in ZOOM and 10 in Z-365. Adjust height, width, rotation, and sliding functions to prevent discomfort from static arm positions during desk work.

3. Dynamic Lumbar Support: Experience unparalleled back support, adapting to your unique back structure for consistent posture and comfort throughout the day.

4. Adaptive Seat Sliding: Facilitate optimal seating comfort with adjustable seat sliding, catering especially to taller individuals for a perfect fit.

5. Versatile Multi-Locking Mechanism: Find your ideal backrest position and secure it with ease. The anti-return prevention safety function ensures safe repositioning.

6. Tension Knob Adjustment: Tailor the backrest tension to your preference for personalized support and comfort while seated.

Add-on: Convenient Manual (Z365 only): Access the Z365 manual effortlessly, conveniently stored beneath the chair seat for easy reference.


Discover the Chair You've Dreamed Of! Visit our showroom and experience the remarkable chair for yourself. Don't just take our word for it—try it out firsthand!

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