Product Limited Warranty

Benithem provides warranty coverage for its seating products under standard usage conditions of one shift (8 hours/day, 5 days/week). Extending usage beyond a single shift may impact product longevity, influenced by user size, weight, care, maintenance, environmental factors, and other variables. This could proportionally adjust the warranty coverage due to increased usage. Warranty coverage is strictly against Manufacturing Defects and applies solely to standard models and specifications. The duration of the warranty is determined by the warranty seal. During this period, all replacement spare parts will be provided free of charge ex-works.

Warranty extension is allowed within 2 week from date purchase. Kindly refer to Complimentary Warranty Extension Request.

Warranty period for office chair and sofa is provided based on specification type of product.

3 Years Warranty (Depend on Products)
  • Recliner 1 locking mechanism
  • Recliner synchron 1 locking mechanism with & without seat sliding
  • Auto tension with 2 locking mechanism
  • Visitor / guest chair
  • Wooden frame structure of the sofa only
5 Years Warranty (Depend on Products)
  • Standard synchron 5 locking mechanism with & without seat sliding

Benithem’s warranty does not extend to :

User Safety Guideline

Please don’t use on slippery floor, or you may fall down and get hurt.
Please don’t sit at the edge of the seat.

Please don’t stand on the seat as it is a safety hazard.
Please don’t use it for any other purpose except for seating.

Please don’t use the chair if it shakes or the chair will be damaged.
Please don’t put your fingers into the gaps of the mechanism.

Please don’t sit on the armrest as it is a safety hazard.
Please don’t dismantle the components outside the “part replacement method”.

Please don’t put your fingers into the root segment of the up-and-down lumbar adjusting lever.
Matters needing attention on safety. Please be aware and care about all the point mentioned to prevent damage the chair or get hurt.