Luxuriate In Style: The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Perfect Vegan Leather Office Chair

Looking in the Mirror

When was the last time you took a good look around you? As you are reading this, you are most probably seated on a very comfortable chair looking at a screen made with many intricate parts. But, have you ever wondered what it takes to make these things which you use everyday? Leather is something we all love for its luxurious feel and has become a necessity in almost all of the items we use everyday from bags, to the sofa and even our phone cases. However, this comes at a cost to us.

The Price we Pay

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, 2.29 billion animals were killed in 2018 to supply the leather demand. What’s worse is the process to make leather. Large amounts of water and chemicals are used to tan the skin to become leather which are highly toxic and disposed of in our water bodies. This water pollution adversely affects the ecosystem surrounding us and if we do not do anything about it, we may soon need to start fighting for clean water. In an effort to combat this, faux leather was created but it creates even more problems as they are made of plastic. Thankfully, vegan leather comes to the rescue.

Ordinary Vegan Leather

Vegan leather feels and looks just like ordinary leather but much different in the way it is created. Made fully from plants, vegan leather is a sustainable way for us to fully enjoy leather with no regrets. Just like a haircut, farmers will only cut part of the plant to be used for vegan leather and the rest is left to grow therefore there is no deforestation. Soft to the touch, it has a uniquely premium feel to it yet it is built extremely durable much like ordinary leather but with lower maintenance. Highly versatile, vegan leather can be applied to most products acting as a true substitute to ordinary leather. Vegan leather is even versatile enough to be dyed any colour to suit any individual style. Vegan leather is slowly making its way into our world and hopefully becomes the new normal.

Sustainability is a Priority

At Benithem, we value sustainability at our core and believe vegan leather is the correct way to go. With its numerous benefits at no cost to quality, we want to encourage its use in our community. We want to combat the cruel nature of producing ordinary leather and provide our consumers with a peace of mind knowing that their product was created from a place of love for the environment. Apart from the difference in sourcing the leather, vegan leather is slightly different in its texture as well as its aroma. Vegan leather is significantly softer making it much better to feel and be used in many applications in our life such as chairs or clothing. It also has a natural aroma which is free of the chemicals used when tanning ordinary leather.

Save the Earth

Ultimately, the decision is up to you as the consumers. Your demand decides what gets produced and becomes the new normal. Take a step towards a more sustainable future with us today. Find out more about our vegan leather chairs by giving us a call. We are more than delighted to share more with you. As you are the leader of change, we will support you and provide you with what you need to change the world for the better. .