The Ultimate Comfort Solution: Upgrade Your Life with Benithem® Chairs

Why Choose a Benithem?

If you work in an office, it is very likely you spend an average of seven to eight hours a day sitting at your desk on a regular day. With many taking to work from home (WFH) with the current Covid-19 pandemic, the average time spent sitting down is probably higher than eight hours a day!

Imagine how much stress you are putting your body through if you are sitting down for so many hours without the proper posture or support. To make matters worse, most office workers are too busy to find time for exercise, getting very little physical activity at work in a typical working day. Some don’t even leave their desks to get lunch, eating lunch at the work desk to save time and get more work done. It’s no wonder that at the end of the day, many workers are left highly fatigued and stressed.

If you don’t know by now, Benithem® is an award winning office chair manufacturer that has made its reputation in Malaysia and Singapore as a producer of good quality, ergonomic office chairs. Many of our products are exported around the world and we’ve amassed a number of global awards over the years.

Coming back to the plight of the office worker, how can Benithem® chairs improve their lives? The answer lies in our ergonomic office chairs that’s highly adjustable for almost any individual regardless of size, height or weight.

You may have read or heard about ergonomic chairs or furniture but what exactly is ergonomics?

There are actually five aspects of ergonomics: safety, comfort, ease of use, performance, and aesthetics. There is an actual science of ergonomics but in simple layman terms, it can best be summed up as something comfortable you can use naturally and easily without too much thought.

So what is so special about Benithem® ergonomic office chairs?

For a start, every Benithem® high quality office chair has been carefully researched and designed prior to production to provide adequate support for the ideal posture for long hours. Materials and fabrics are tested for comfort, support, breathability, durability and aesthetics before making it to the final product.

Each chair is also simulated in how the user might use it on a typical workday and many models come with the ability to adjust many settings such as arm support, backrest height and tilt, seat sliding on top of the all the support for neck, body, back and lumbar. At the end of the day, the user can customize their chair to their bodies, for maximum comfort and support.

In this sense, an ergonomic chair is an integral part of the office because a comfortable chair can help you feel your best and perform at your optimum capability, reducing stress and overall tiredness at the end of the day.

Can a good quality office chair like Benithem® really improve your life?

Most definitely, an ergonomic chair that provides adequate support for the ideal posture will reduce many health problems in the long term for your spine, back, and neck. Bad posture can also cause other complications such as disrupted digestion, poor sleep as well as headaches. Don’t skimp on your office seating if you want to avoid all these potential health issues in the future. Invest in a Benithem® ergonomic office chair for a world of a difference.