Behind the evolution of a brand new chair, there is always one pre-eminent idea that plays the biggest push for development. What exactly goes behind the mind of a designer when this chair was non-existent?

In the Mind of a Designer

Our designers were tasked to create a chair to induce a feeling of comfort, a psychological safety that allows your brain to feel comfortable, safe and relaxed. We want our users to feel like  someone is embracing them when they sit on this chair. 

So, our designers went to work.

 Many think that when you get comfortable, work doesn’t get done. According to an article in Ceoworld Magazine, comfortable ergonomic chairs vanquishes all the back and neck pain caused by bad sitting posture, which will overall lead to improved productivity. It can also defeat mental exhaustion and improve the quality of work. 

In order for a chair to be able to embrace you, a backrest is definitely a must. The challenge is creating one that can do more than just support your back, to hug you while you do your work. 

Our designers now have to think of the most suitable material for this chair. If we put too much foam to make it comfortable, it can get very hot and instead will restrict your movement, if we put too little, the chair becomes very hard and goes against our goal.  

 The Anomaly of FEIN

Our designers came up with a brilliant solution by thinking out of the box. FEIN. 

Commonly, desk chairs exist with Polyurethane (PU) Foam sculpted into a curved shape. This suggests that everyone has a similar spinal shape, however, this is not true. Our spine is uniquely shaped so we need a backrest that can accommodate the biomechanics of how each individual moves and sits.

FEIN deviates from the norm in this aspect. It is a chair that is firm, soft and thin. Never thought you would find these three words describing the same chair? Let us show you how.

FEIN combines the use of high quality fabric-looking 3D knitted mesh, wrapped around the firm, thin frame of the chair and an adjustable soft lumbar support, cleverly designed to maximise comfort. 

When the mesh is wrapped around the thin frame instead of a thick one, this expands the area for your back to lie on. This innovative design also makes the mesh feel softer than usual, while being firm enough to withstand your weight easily.   

In addition, the lumbar support is soft not like many of the current chairs with hard lumbar support. This allows the lumbar support to accomodate to your spine rather than the other way around.


All of this is affixed on a firm, thin frame which is made of Glass-filled Polyamide (PA+GF). The material is extremely stiff and the resistance to wear is exceptional. We decided to name the chair FEIN, which is the German translation for slim, for its deceivingly strong and slim frame.

The Concerns of Our Users

A thin backrest is a common worry for most customers as it is normally associated with fragile and brittle. However, we attest that our backrest is the opposite. 

The materials we used to create the frame and structure of the backrest are sturdy and strong. In order to test its strength, the backrest has gone through the required in-house internal testing before they are produced, and launched.

You may check out our blog on the in-house testing by clicking this link : https://benithem.com/in-house-testings/

In case of product spoilage over time, warranty coverage is also provided. 

More Information Regarding FEIN 

Moving onwards, it is our pleasure to share with our customers our newest lumbar support, which is upgraded and improved to allow our users to adjust much easily. 

We have decided to emphasize on easiness, hence two buttons to assist in adjusting are installed onto the lumbar, so users do not need to exert much force to adjust up and down. 

Additionally, FEIN allows for 3 fixed locking positions, including an auto-tension mechanism, so that users do not have to physically adjust how hard and soft the backrest feels. The mechanism automatically adopts the appropriate pressure according to the user’s weight as he/she lays down. This enhances greater comfort for our users. 

Customers can also select different chairbase. There are 2 choices to select from : Polished Aluminium and Nylon. The polished aluminium will give your chair a more classy and eye-catching look whereas if you are the type who prefers a simple-looking chair, then nylon is the way to go.

Like all the other chairs, FEIN allows the user to adjust the chair’s height to complement the setup you have. 

In order to ensure the seat rest is high quality and meets our requirements, we produce our own PU foam from scratch. More information can be found in our blog on technology we use for production via this link : https://benithem.com/technology/

The headrest can be adjusted according to your preference. It can be moved and tilted, up and down, in accordance with your preference.

Another feature of FEIN is that it offers seat sliding, to enable the user to maximise sitting space, especially useful for taller users.  


Moreover, FEIN exists with a 4 dimensional armrest.

It can adjusted upwards and downwards, outwards and inwards. 

An additional adjustment can be done on the arm pad. It can be tilted to the left and right, and move to the front and back.  

Last but not least, FEIN provides an array of colours to choose from. Different colours can make the chair feel and look different. All in all, it is up to the user’s creativity and imagination to adorn their very own FEIN.   

Experience FEIN for yourself at our Malaysia Showroom, and be sure to check out the other blogs on our website too! 


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