Besides Innovation

Our patrons would know this phrase ‘Let Our Quality Do The Talking’. It is the motto that drives us to do our best everyday and provide high quality products for our customers. Furthermore, it also pushes us to deliver the best service and version of ourselves to our supporters all the time.

Since our establishment in 1999, the road to success hasn’t been an easy one. With difficult challenges and setbacks looming around us on this journey, we stepped up to the plate and struck back at adversity with all our might.

We didn’t walk this road alone. With the cordial help and continuous support from our community and stakeholders, we are able to reach where we are today. We understand how important and necessary it is to give back to the community who have helped us in many ways, and we want to give back the support we were given. And this is how we did it.

First up, the people who work hard together, our employees! They have always been the backbone of the company, striving towards greater success as one. They are more than deserving of a good break!

We host different themed annual dinners each year to commemorate the year’s hard work and come through. During this joyous occasion, we have planned multiple game shows to participate in and prizes to be won! Donations are also made to our employees who struggle with financial issues at home.

Impromptu trips are also held to allow employees to bond and have fun! Here is our recent trip to Sabah in Malaysia.

Group Picture in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia! 

As the older generation gets swept away with old age, younger generations have to take over and make a change in this imperfect world. We believe helping the younger generations is indispensable as they should be entitled to the best education to be inculcated with copious amounts of knowledge, skills and techniques before they step out into the society.

Besides that, a holistic education is vital. Younger generations should play and have fun. As such, with our benevolent efforts, we donated a significant sum to multiple schools in Malaysia to organise many different events such as Sports Day and Ping Pong Competition, to bring opportunities to less-funded schools and fun to the children.

Our Managing Director, Ms Goh, is presenting the prize to the participants! 

Other than schools, we have also donated and volunteered at multiple orphanages, old folks homes and charitable organisations to help with people who are in need and less fortunate.

Elderly people in old folks’ homes tend to feel isolated from the world as their children are unable to visit them often due to work, and with one random act of kindness such as volunteering can bring a smile to their faces. Time is valuable, and giving it to people who need it can change and impact their lives positively and tremendously.

Recently, we organised a fund-raising event on Facebook, partnered with Stichting Raise to help with the less fortunate african childrens and we are happy to share that we have received tremendous support from people around the world.

Our Visit to Handicapped and Mentally Disabled Children Association in Johor Bahru
Preparing the food and items we are going to donate for old folks’ home visit

In addition to ‘giving back’, we cannot forget about the environment. We have adopted a lifestyle where we are consciously aware of how we impact the environment. There is nothing more dire than damaging our beautiful mother nature. Apart from the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – policy which we have been keeping up with the highest discipline, we have also ensured that one-third of the factory ground is reserved for greenery and to coexist with wildlifes. Moreover, we have consistently been improving our efficiency and effectiveness in terms of waste management with ISO 14001:2004 to reduce many types of pollution. Check out our blog on how We Go Green here :

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the world is facing an unprecedented pandemic and many people are getting sick and losing their lives. With the shortage of masks during this period of time, everyone’s safety is jeopardized.

Especially during the time where there were great spikes in transmission cases, our front-liners have been risking their lives to help patients recover. Along with the shortage issue, they became more vulnerable to the virus. We had to do something

Hence, we donated 10,000 pieces of masks to our service centre and especially, to help our medical staff during the lockdown in Malaysia. As the community faces danger, we believe everyone has a part to play.


When the Movement Control Order (MCO) was imposed in Malaysia, many citizens who stay in Johor Bahru and work in Singapore were forced to make a heavy decision within a few days of notice, whether to remain in Malaysia or stay in Singapore for their livelihood. Not knowing when the MCO would end, many have decided to choose their livelihood, just so they could support their family.

In this case, there was one family that stood out with a troubling matter during the worst time, and we donated a cheque of RM 10,000 to help with his financial difficulties. If we can do anything to help lessen the burden of people, we are more than willing to do so!

To conclude, life isn’t all about working hard for money or success, but more importantly, the sense of fulfillment.

As we ask ourselves, what act of kindness have we done to help people today or even everyday? What would your answer be?

Let Our Quality Do The Talking.