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Leading the Way in Ergonomic Seating Solutions.
Malaysia's Premier Ergonomic Chair Manufacturer.

Experience unrivaled comfort with our premium ergonomic chairs, meticulously designed based on scientific principles for maximum support. Our office seating solutions prioritize quality, durability, and comfort, ensuring longevity and uniformity in appearance. As an award-winning manufacturer, we offer extensive customization options in design, color, and fabric. Let your imagination shape a unique, personalized chair. Benithem®, the leading ergonomic office chair manufacturer, serves Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Melaka, Penang, and caters to global markets.

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Our Series

Benithem® pride ourselves as avant-garde office seating solutions designer, including designer chairs, executive office chairs, corporate lounge, office chair and office furniture manufacturer in Malaysia.

WHY Ergocentric Seating Office Chair?

What kind of chair is ideal for long working hours? Chair with no proper back support will make you feel tired and sleepy after a few hours of working. This is when our Benithem® chairs, an award winning chair, comes in place. Our chairs are specially designed for Asian physiques as our in-house designers have compiled measurements of various body parts and crafted the optimum design that provides adequate support and comfort even for long hours.

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