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Bill Gates once said,
“ Like a human being, a company has to have an internal communication mechanism, a “nervous system”, to coordinate its actions.”

In order to keep the beauty of our human interaction alive and strong, it must be cherished and carried on. However in this case, how does it affect companies? Companies’ endeavor for excellence and glory is on the line if human interaction is bad or gone. It is essential to interact properly with one another to get things done or discuss important matters. It is apparent that interaction is very essential in our work life, and the area of interaction is one of the determinants on how one can communicate well.

So, how can we progress to make an interactive workplace?
Let us give you an example with our products.

Open-Space Seating is the New Black

Keeping up with the trending workplace disposition, open-space discussion areas have been in demand lately.

The aim is to allow employees to have more informal but productive meetings. Usually, open discussions are facilitated by an individual and are attended by any number of people. This gives individuals the opportunity to take ownership of the problem and step out of their comfort zone. This also improves an individual’s leadership qualities and communication skills. Furthermore, bonding among the people is made easier as it is informal.

We have a wide selection of open-space seating to choose from. Be it a round sofa where it allows collective seating or seats where you can move around to create an area for discussion.
CONFIG, is one of the open-space seating that we created to help meetings be made even better. Instead of fixed open seating, one can move around the chairs to whatever orientation he or she likes.

CONFIG is more than just stunning. With many different colours to choose from, your workplace can be made more fun and colourful with an array of colours which makes working a little more pleasant. It also comes with a whiteboard which helps to further enhance the discussion. Furthermore, the seats are very comfortable, not hard but not too soft, just right for a good meeting.

Can’t Go Wrong with the Classics

We cannot forget about the traditional way of gathering together for a meeting, which is the usage of conference or discussion tables. MODUL, can help you with that. MODUL is one of our series to create the best workstation for any companies.

Traditional seating normally requires the usage of a large and long table surrounded by chairs to accommodate a group of people. Having a good conference table in a conference room is vital. This is where people gather to talk about crucial matters and make important decisions. Quite often, it is used to interview people. To set the bar of significance and level of seriousness high, traditional seating is more apt.
We have all types of tables which you need. Big or small, squarish or rectangular, chamfered or non-chamfered. Even the textures and colours, we can help to see what suits your room the best. To enhance the meeting, we have a selection of aids and storage compartments to help keep the wires neat and tidy to create a more conducive environment for a productive meeting, such as wire trays, cable snake and wire console. We can also install a Netbox Turn to further assist the meeting with your electronic devices.

Old meets New

Why not combine both traditional and open seating? Our MODUL Workstation series include pedestals with cushion tops combined with the traditional long table and chairs to help with impromptu meetings when working. As such, there is no need to look for an available chair and the discussion can happen as soon as possible, be it formal or informal.

This set-up serves 2 purposes. Those cushioned pedestals allow employees to have a seat while discussing work or any issues. With the wheels attached at the bottom, it can be moved around. Additionally, it also provides storage for employees’ stationeries and important files. This allows for more convenience when time and resources are limited.

While there are so many different ways to arrange an office such as open-seating, traditional ways or a mixture of both, it is up to you to decide what you want in your office.

Human creativity is unlimited, you are the painter to the canvas. And, we can give you the highest quality paint.

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