How to clean our chair?

Clean and maintain your chair regularly

Some people thinks that only leather chair should be cleaned and maintained. Fabric and mesh chair also needs maintenance and cleaning. However, clean and maintain our chair is not as hard as you think. Your household items are enough hence this routine that rumored to be tedious are easy to do and economically friendly. We will tell you on how to clean and maintain our chairs. We separate the tips based on the upholstery used.
Regular vacuuming of the mesh (once every 2 weeks). This can help to ensure that the mesh is in utmost condition and maintains its shine. Rub dirty spots with a soft cotton cloth, soaked in warm water with an ideal temperature of 40 to 60 degree Celsius, containing mild soap. Do not rub the mesh with too much strength as it might damage the mesh. Remember to wipe away the soap to finish cleaning. Disinfect the mesh with ethanol to ensure the mesh stays clean and bacteria free.
Regular vacuuming of the fabric to get rid of dust and dirt spots. Use a wet sponge to rub dirt spots.
Vegan Leather
Use only water base adhesive, do not use solvents. To maintain clean the vegan leather, use a mild soap solution and remove it completely using white cotton cloth dampened in water. Lighter colors require more frequent cleaning. Avoid cleaning with solvents such as alcohol, acetone, paint thinner, bleach, oils, vinegar or detergent cleaners as these will cause permanent damage to the material. For spills such as beer, wine, juices, soft drinks, liquor, coffee, tea or chocolate clean the stain with a diluted solution of mild liquid shampoo type cleaner water. Clean as soon as possible especially strong colored liquid. Immediately clean sauces stains. For exposed to tanning oils, fats or oils, clean as soon as possible with liquid soap or shampoo.
Natural and Synthetic Leather
Avoid from strong sunlight for extended period of time, excessive heat or expose to weather. Regular brush or vacuum away dust and grit. Clean the leather when needed with soft cloth or sponge and warm water. Do not soak the leather. Wipe clean and allow to dry away from direct heat. Do not use saddle soap, dry clean, machine wash, use solvents, oil, vanishes, abrasives or detergents.
How to clean our chair?   How to clean our chair?   How to clean our chair?

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