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What is the Difference Between An Ergonomic Office Chair and a General Chair

What is the difference between an ergonomic office chair and a general chair?

For office workers, sitting in front of the desk for long hours can be quite unhealthy for our bodies. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we could at least move around more often while commuting, walking around in the office, or heading out for lunch. Now, with the normalisation of work-from-home arrangements, as well as social distancing practices, being in the same sitting spot for the whole day has become a common occurrence and unhealthy for the body. The solution? Get a good ergonomic office chair from a reputable office chair manufacturer.

Why do you need a good quality office chair?

Choosing a Comfortable Office Chair from Office Chair Manufacturer in Malaysia | Benithem® | Why Choose a Good Office Chair Manufacturer | Vegan Leather | Malaysia
The way you sit, sometimes for hours at a time during work, will affect your posture and spine. Not having a good quality office chair can result in several problems, such as:
  • Physical illnesses like pain in the neck, shoulder, lumbar spine, and eyes
  • Increased body fat and weight gain
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Fatigue and poor concentration at work
  • Digestive problems

What is an ergonomic office chair?

Choosing a Comfortable Office Chair from Office Chair Manufacturer in Malaysia | Benithem® | Why Choose a Good Office Chair Manufacturer | Vegan Leather | Malaysia
An ergonomic office chair is a good quality office chair designed by an office chair manufacturer to provide the best support for the human body. Scientists and designers have developed the ergonomic chair, taking into consideration posture, comfort, support, and health.

The best ergonomic office chairs have features that improve your posture, offer proper support, and are adjustable for the best fit for your body.

Investing in a good quality office chair, especially the ergonomic office chair can help you to get into a correct sitting position. Some of the tips to achieve the best sitting position includes
  • Keeping feet flat on the floor or footrest
  • Positioning the knees at the same height or slightly lower than the hips.
  • Using an ergonomic office chair from a good office chair manufacturer that fits your body shape
  • Keeping your back against the chair and using a backrest or cushion if your back does not comfortably meet the chair, especially in the lower back region
  • Relaxing the shoulders as you sit
  • Taking a break in regular interval to avoid sitting for long periods

What to look for in an ergonomic office chair?

To maximise your use of an ergonomic office chair, especially if you work in a sedentary office environment, consider the following points when you look for office chair supply from an office chair manufacturer to ensure you get a good quality office chair for the best ergonomic support.
Everyone is different. Therefore, a good ergonomic office chair has to be adjustable and adapt to each user.
Seat Height
A good ergonomic office chair allows for the seat height to be adjusted from 15 to 22 inches off the floor, which suits people that are 5’ to 6’4’’ tall.
Lumbar Support
The lumbar spine supports and stabilizes the upper body, including the neck and head. Ensure that the ergonomic office chair you purchase provides proper support to your lumbar spine.
The backrest should promote dynamic sitting to increase blood flow and support the natural curve of the spine.
Seat and Backrest Materials
Ergonomic office chairs that are made from good materials are essential so that it is comfortable.
Movement and Stability
An ergonomic office chair that allows for movement promotes a dynamic position and increases blood flow is appropriate. Make sure it is stable.
The ergonomic office chair armrests need to be adjustable, removable, if possible, broad and comfortable.
Manufacturing and Warranties
Check if the office chair manufacturer provides you with a good warranty to maintain the long-lasting use of your chair.

Ergonomic Office Chair by Benithem® Office Chair Manufacturer

Benithem® is an office chair manufacturer that produces one of the best ergonomic office chairs in the office chair supply market. We offer a wide range of office chair supply, for offices seeking good quality office chairs, ergonomic office chairs and even vegan leather office chairs, all of which are built to provide maximum support and comfort to users.
Choosing a Comfortable Office Chair from Office Chair Manufacturer in Malaysia | Benithem® | Why Choose a Good Office Chair Manufacturer | Vegan Leather | Malaysia
Benithem® ergonomic office chairs offer the following:
  • Designed for people who need to sit for long periods
  • Solve body problems caused by prolonged sitting periods
  • Good office chair supply creates a comfortable working environment
  • Made from lasting materials, such as vegan leather office chairs
  • Warranty between 3 to 5 years
For quality-discerning customers, you may read more about our vegan leather office chairs from our previous article here.

An award-winning office chair manufacturer, the best ergonomic office chair offered by Benithem® fulfils all the criteria required when purchasing a good quality office chair or even a long-term vendor for office chair supply.

Not only is Benithem® ergonomic office chair the first in Malaysia to achieve Greenguard certification, our ergonomic office chairs are also tested and verified to pass the rigorous performance standards under FIRA and BIFMA certifications.
Choosing a Comfortable Office Chair from Office Chair Manufacturer in Malaysia | Benithem® | Why Choose a Good Office Chair Manufacturer | Vegan Leather | Malaysia
Having acquired the industry-standard certifications, Benithem® took a step further in ensuring the consistent production of good quality office chairs as demonstrated in our investment in quality assurance effort. Despite having been tested by FIRA and BIFMA certifications, Benithem® set up an in-house testing lab to conduct random testing of our ergonomic office chairs and parts using automatic test equipment to ensure the quality consistency of the parts in every chair we manufacture. Some of the tests we conduct regularly include backrest durability test, foam fatigue test, base static test, swivel test, seating durability test and drop test. By doing so, we can be assured every batch of our office chair supply is manufactured with top-notch quality for our customers.

Most importantly, our ergonomic office chair designs are all patented to protect our customers from purchasing low-quality counterfeit products from the market.


An excellent ergonomic office chair will help promote your work efficiency and quality, not to mention improve your posture and overall health. Consider investing in a good quality office chair today. You will not regret it. For corporates looking for long-term or ad-hoc office chair supply, feel free to contact our office chair supply service team to get quotes.

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