ZOOM Series


What can be more important than taking good care of your health?

Especially when our spine, the backbone of our body that provide us with the ability to walk, sit and live, is often neglected or even taken advantage of.

It is time to do something.

Introducing to you, one of Benithem’s valued collections, ZOOM.

Introduction to ZOOM

Comfort is essential

We are proud to present, ZOOM, one of the best chairs in our collection, backed with the latest technology to provide you with special customizable functions to help embrace your back with its natural curvature, and provide you with the utmost comfort and relaxation.

Grandeur is evident

Our chair provides you with very sophisticated ergonomic design, displaying modernity and elegance, to suit the theme and landscape of your workspace. Moreover, studies have proven that well furnished spaces can contribute to a better working environment.

Introduction to Z-365

Simplicity is the ultimate complexity.

 The newest model we have in the ZOOM series is Z-365, which offers you a durable yet sleek design that is meant for everyday sitting. It has always been our vision to provide users with chairs that can accomodate to the way they work and correspond to their working environment.

Hence, Z-365 is the cost-effective chair you have been looking for with its simple, yet complex design.

Reuse. Reduce. Recycle.

Full waste minimization is a part of our goal we continually strive toward. We understand the dire consequences of polluting the environment. Hence, we are proud to tell you that with our years of efforts, the ZOOM series is now up to 95% recyclable.

Moreover, our ZOOM series are all Greenguard certified.

(Check out our previous blog pertaining Greenguard certification by clicking this link : https://benithem.com/we-go-green/)

Quality is priority.

We have spent an immense amount of time ensuring the quality of our chairs are top-notch and true to customers by getting them BIFMA certified. The chairs go through many tests, such as;

Back Durability test,

Sit Durability test,

Foam Fatigue test,

Mechanism Tilting test,

Mesh Durability test,

Base Static test,

Swivel Test


Castor Durability test,

all of which the Z-365 has passed easily. To further provide our customers with greater assurance, we put the chairs through similar tests with a 10% increase in intensity in-house.

“BIFMA is the not‐for-profit trade association for business and institutional furniture manufacturers. Since 1973, BIFMA has been the voice of the commercial furniture industry.

Our industry’s service to our customers – providing healthy, comfortable, and productive workspaces – rests on an infrastructure of engineering and materials standards. These standards, founded on centuries of craft and enhanced by ever-advancing science, embody the best of our knowledge on safety, ergonomics, and sustainability.’’ -which was stated by BIFMA


Health is Wealth. 

A bad chair can harm your body. It is paramount to take care of your health to prevent problems from appearing at a later stage. A common health problem that may occur is the Upper Crossed Syndrome (USC)


“Upper Crossed Syndrome refers to a particular configuration of overlapping overactive and under-active muscle groups in the neck, chest and shoulders.” – which was stated on Medical News Today article on upper crossed syndrome.

In layman terms, it would mean that there is an excessive strain on the neck, shoulder and back due to sitting with a wrong posture for a long period of time, resulting in the muscles deforming. This usually happens to working adults who spend most of their time sitting down doing work in the office or even those who live a sedentary life. Based on Medical News Today article on upper crossed syndrome, symptoms would be neck pain, headaches, stiffness in the upper back, etc.

After prolonged periods, you may start to realise that your head is stuck in a forward position, and there is an outward curvature of your back.

(Picture taken from https://www.drpricciardelli.com)

On average, we spend about 8 hours of our day at work (equivalent to an average time spent sleeping), with the majority of the time sitting on a chair. Since we are willing to splurge on getting the best bed, we should also be willing to splurge on getting a good chair.

We all know that prevention is better than cure, so spending a little more on a chair in the ZOOM series will save you much more money than incurring medical expenses.

Sitting with proper posture can prevent such stresses of muscles from happening. And in order to help your body adapt to better postures, a good chair that can cater to your needs is imperative.

With ZOOM series, there are many essential features that can help to maintain the posture you need for a better health.

Specifications of ZOOM/Z365

1. Adjustable Headset

With our adjustable headset, this ensures your head is able to rest at the height and angle you prefer. This means your neck will not stiffen during work and you will be able to process your thoughts without discomfort.

2. Adjustable Armrest with Soft Polyurethane (PU) Pad :

There are 7 lockable positions for ZOOM and 10 lockable positions for Z-365 which can provide you a better resting place for your arms at your preferred height and angle, either when you are resting or doing work on the desk. This will help to prevent muscle aches from having to keep your arm at a fixed and yet awkward position, which happens very often to people who needs to work on their computers.

Armrest Height Adjustment : Adjustable Armrest can be raised up or down.

Armrest Width Adjustment : Adjustable Armrest can be pushed outwards or inwards.

Arm pad Rotating function : PU Pad can be adjusted diagonally left or diagonally right.

Armpad Sliding function : PU Pad can be adjusted forward or backwards. (Z365 only)

3. Hyperactive Lumbar Support :

The most unique feature on this chair is definitely our back support function, that helps to ensure your back is fully rested on the backrest of the chair. The adjustable feature allows you to accommodate according to the structure of your back. This can help to keep your posture right all the time.

4. Seat Sliding :

With this function, the seat can be moved forward to facilitate the seating comfort you need which can accomodate to your height, especially beneficial to taller people.

5. Multi-Locking Mechanism :

This function allows you to tilt and fix at many positions you may want your backrest to be at. With the combination of anti-return prevention safety function, you do not have to worry about injuring your back while coming back up to the original position.

6. Tension Knob Adjustment :

This feature allow you to adjust the amount of tension you prefer when you rest on the chair. This means the backrest can adjust according to how stiff or loose you may want it to be when you lean on it.

Add-on : Manual (Z365 only) :

The manual for Z365 is easily accessible underneath the seat of the chair.

Find it hard to believe that such a chair that exists?

Come down to our showroom and have a try for yourself!

For more information on ZOOM series:


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