Private Seating

At work, everyone has to communicate to get information across and ideas shared. However, do you think you have the right environment to do so?

Any background noises — murmuring and small talks, doors creaking when opening and closing — can actually distract and interfere with your current work progress.

What is the right environment for the most productive discussion?

In this ever-changing world, new ways to work have arised and in order to fit them into the current working norms, more innovations have to be introduced. Employees need more options to suit their way of work. When this is taken into account, more flexibility will transpire in the workplace and assist the company towards greater success.

ROOF, our first ever private seating creation, provides users with a room-within-room concept, with little space needed. Differing from the usual rooms we see in a building, ROOF provides a sheltered private-space for employees indoors.

As unorthodox as it may sound, this actually allows for better utilisation of scarce spaces, and provides more preferable venues for employees to work in. From 2 to 4 seaters, employees can hold a private meeting and informal discussion, or make it a place for retreat after a long arduous work day.

Any session you deem fit, ROOF can make it work.

ROOM is also highly prized in our private seating collection. Upholstered by hand, ROOM comes with long and tall side panels to help block out noises from the outer area, instilling a conducive environment and enabling for more effective interactions. Similar to ROOF, it can also be used to take a break in or to hold informal sessions.

Employees’ morale in a workplace is vital, thus, the quality of the workplace cannot be disregarded.

ROOF POD, like a space pod that brings you further into the universe and into your desired hidden dimension.

An even greater invention to maximise noise reduction and enhance seclusion to make the environment a viable one to work in, be it for a group discussion or to focus on individual work.

Designed with the idea of a private and undisturbed space, ROOF POD empowers users’ concentration and attention on the task at hand. A diverse and unique seating, ROOF POD can be placed in many settings — Library, Cafe, Restaurant, Exhibition, Conference, etc.

For instance, at times when you are out in public and you receive an important call, you urgently need a quiet and private place to talk. This is when ROOF SINGLE POD comes to your rescue.

A combination of functionality and ergonomics, ROOF DOUBLE POD is aesthetically pleasing and practical to have in a workplace.

Furthermore, with a variety of colours to choose from, you can mix around to complement the view of the whole office.

ROOF DOUBLE POD also grants users the ability to look out into their surroundings and be aware of what is happening outside, instead of confining them within four walls.

Necessary features can be added on, such as a TV monitor or netbox. With those add-ons, you can present your slide to clients or work with electronic devices with your colleagues. All things considered, ROOF POD is able to optimize employees’ work environment, hence, it is a must-have.

Travel into the unknown with ROOF POD, you may discover and experience more than you think.