Office, Sweet Office


The office is a place where many of us find ourselves very reluctant to go to. Often having to drag ourselves to go through the mundane day at the office. A day full of work, meetings and discussions.


Everyday is daunting, deadlines to meet, responsibilities to uphold and to top it all of, STRESS. All we can look forward to is going home, sweet home.

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What if we could make it all a little bit better. Look at the picture and many of you can see yourselves, back at work. The countless hours of your life spent discussing about work, until your back aches. 


Now imagine you are in this picture now.


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Think about how comfortable you could be. How much your back will thank you for giving it the proper support it needs. 

Are you able to see the wonders a sofa can do for you? At Benithem, we aim to provide you with high quality seating suited to your every need and want. That includes lounge seating with the main purpose of providing comfort while being aesthetically pleasing.

 Every office NEEDS this. A space to be comfortable and feel like you are at home. There is no better place than home,  so why not bring a touch of it to the office.  

Endless Possibilities, Endless Opportunities

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. That is how versatile sofas can be. We at Benithem work tirelessly trying to create sofas which suit every single one of your needs.


Every. Single. One.


Before you can decide which sofa suits your office, you first have to understand your office environment. That means looking at the hues of the wall, understanding the aura of the office or even looking at its Feng Shui (Chinese Geomancy). A sofa is a long term investment with incredible returns if you pick the perfect one.


Once you understand your environment, visualize where you want your sofa to be. 

How big you want your sofa to be. Whether it is light and mobile, or heavy and regal. 



Still stuck? Let us recommend some for your office.

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Middle –

Bottom –


Maybe your office is very simple and vanilla. Then there’s no better way than to enhance the room with a soft-coloured sofa. If you feel that way, then try looking at these 3 sofas. 


Rizzo, Casa and Roue.


is simple as simple can be. A white body with black legs. Nothing that seeks attention but seeks only to provide you with what is essential. Class and Comfort.


, a little more beige than the rest, adds a bit of a softer tone of white to your office. With wooden legs, it goes well with a wooden floor. It’s small size is able to fit almost anywhere in your office.


is a different take from the normal sofa. It looks nice and simple until you see what it has for legs. Your eyes are not deceiving you, those are casters. These are for those who need their sofa to be mobile and easy to move. Our casters are not typical and are designed to match the colour and hue of Roue.

Top Left –    Top Right –

Bottom Left –      Bottom Right –


  If you are looking to have that minimalist look then making your office in monochrome is the best way to do it. With a white environment, these dark sofas will definitely complement the room well. 


  has a very clean finish to it. It’s leather surface is so smooth it looks shiny under the perfect lighting. But if you take a closer look, you will notice that there is a space right underneath the seats which is a space meant for you to use. It is a space saving meant for your office to look neater and display the minimalist look.


adds a little twist to the normal tuxedo-style sofas. With its deep button tufting and geometric shape, this sofa is able to be both old-fashioned and modern at the same time. Unlike normal tuxedo sofas, its backrest is much higher than the armrests to ensure full envelopment of your body.


. If you feel that black is a little too striking for your office and need something softer to blend in with the environment, then, Vano’s greyish hue is perfect. It’s curved armrest and rectangular backrest are combined perfectly to give a very sleek look.


. Surrounded with a silver frame, it will definitely catch everyone’s attention, especially in a monochromatic room. It has a very deep seat to ensure your entire body is resting on it. Cleverly designed, the triangular backrest is able to be seamlessly placed against a wall while giving your back the recline it requires.


Top Left –     Top Right –

Bottom Left –       Bottom Right –


 If your office is very chic, vibrant and just full of life, these set of sofas will be a great fit. They add the much needed colour into your office. Some may feel like it is very hard to match these to any surrounding but give them a chance and they will bring wondrous things to your office.


is by far our most unique combination of colour. It’s combination gives off a very homely feel to anyone who sees it. Just by looking, you already know it will give you the warmth and comfort you feel when you are at home. It adopts part of the cabriole shape where the backrest and armrest are at the same level to cut off any outside distractions and lets you focus.


with its timeless beauty is able to fit in any theme. Its tan colour matches very well with its black legs. Only true connoisseurs will be able to appreciate this mid century modern sofa. You can never go wrong with the classics. 


as its name suggests, is our sofa which is able to evoke so many feelings at once. From classy to modern it can do it all. It just depends on where you put it. It has a very bright shade of red to immediately draw anyone’s attention to it. However, it has a very geometric and modern design to make you feel less intimidated by its colour. It just feels right.


, its name says it all. If you are very unsure of what sofa is the best for you, ideal is the way to go. Designed to fit in every setting with its warm red colour and geometric shape. It will bring the spice your office needs along with top-notch comfort. There is no need for much explanation, it is ideal for anyone.


 So many sofas, so many combinations. Every sofa is similar but very different once you take a deeper look into it. Each one has their own traits and brings a plethora of different characters to your office. Have a look at our take on how sofas play an important role in our day to day interactions in the office.


The Impression

First impressions matter. They have a monumental impact on anyone. Imagine this. Your potential business partners walk into your office, first thing they will notice is how soft the floor feels and then their eyes will wander around the office admiring the walls and the art hung up. Then, you will invite them to have a seat, a seat where they will spend most of their time in. 

Don’t you think they deserve to sit regally? Imagine how they will feel if they are able to sit in the lushious, and royal JESSY. The full ebony sofa is definitely fit to secure that deal of yours. When placed in any office, it will definitely go well with any surrounding, bright or dark. As they say, Black is the new Black.



Maybe you feel like your office needs a little colour. It looks very basic and needs a little spice of youth. Try CROSS. Our orange cushions with black foundation combo is able to brighten any room, bringing life to any gloomy office. It has a very modern design being very geometric and simple. Anyone who sits on it will appreciate this zesty change in your office.



The Relaxation

 Now, let’s change the scenario. Your employees have been working so hard, sitting all day in those desk chairs that they have and we all can definitely agree they deserve a break. Your office’s recreational room isn’t just up to standard. You need to spice it up. It’s time to treat them to something extravagant. 



Arguably the most comfortable sofa you can find. Its deep maroon colour will definitely bring the best out of your wooden floors. There is no better match. Roundy has a backrest which is incline and a very thick and luscious backrest which just invites you to achieve total zen as you lean on it. It is the definition of sit back and relax.




If you feel the maroon of ROUNDY would not fit well into the energy of your elegant and classy room. Have a look at NATURE. It naturally fits into any aesthetic. It has a very elegant shade of white which blends into any room well. Its cushions are very thick which just guarantees maximum comfort. Comfort, elegance, NATURE. What more could you need?          



The Discussion

Every office needs a place to discuss. Discussions are the only way any good team can succeed and progress. Unfortunately, not many understand the importance of having  a conducive environment for discussing. An appropriate environment should encourage participation and the only way to achieve that is by ensuring everyone is comfortable with sharing their views. The way to achieve that is very easy. Sitting comfortably. When we get into our comfort zones, we all tend to be a little more confident in ourselves and just let our thoughts be heard. That’s why it is so important to have the best seats for your discussions.




Specifically designed for your discussion needs. Its seats are positioned in a circular manner to encourage everyone to be part of the discussion. With it’s collective seating style, it definitely makes anyone feel very welcome into this circle and also evokes a sense of comfort to share their ideas with everyone. With its beaver brown colour, it can fit in well with any background and environment. The cushions are very plump full of support for the entire team sitting on it. Any team will get the much-needed support they need.


Are you able to see it now? The difference sofas can bring to your office. What is in this blog is just a little taste of what you could actually get. There is definitely much more than what is shown here. Please feel free to peruse our sofa catalogue to find styles and designs more suited to your needs. Be it for The Impression,The Relaxation or The Discussion, Benithem will always have what you need. But enough from us,



Let our Quality do the Talking…


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